Medical Billing and Coding India

Provides Information on this industry about education needed for it and about training institutes of India . With Help of Experienced billers and coders we will complete the material and share here.

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  • Medical Billing

    Is making bills for health insurance companies to receive payment of health care services prescribed to patients.

  • Medical Coding

    American Medical Association developed the coding system for or all types of encounters, services, tests, treatments, and procedures provided by a hospitals and clinics.

Our Services

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    Services you could depend on

    Our Service program covering all aspects of the complete coding and billing process, from patient data entry to posting payments to enhance your current process. We understand that needs may differ from business to business. The end result must always be the same.

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    Guranteed added value

    Submit clean claims that results in fewer denials. Aggressive follow-up with payers for faster reimbursements

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    Support you can trust

    We are having our own hardware technical support team which is having expertise in computer networking specially on Security Issues.

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    Professional team at you help

    We have Highly competent billing specialists and certified coding team with technical stuff works 24 * 7 to provide 100% HIPAA compliant processes with no Downtime.

Informative Websites

  • Medical Transcription Training

    Transcription is part of revenue cycle management and healthcare industry need's this services. Before going to find a carrier as biller and coder , person must have to become a medical transcriptionist . To Become a Good Medical Transcriptionist ( MT ) good training is required.

  • Medical Transcription Jobs India

    In MT Industry their are very less jobs in India. Job Openings around India is very limited so to keep track of online jobs . Send your resume at

  • Medical Transcription Equipments

    Their are many transcriptionist equipment which are used by users . Their are foot pedals , Amplifiers and Headsets . All these are hardware are manufactured in India - New Delhi by a company name is Raj Orien Industries. They are supplying this hardware through their channel to mumbai , Banglore and all the states of India . Also exporting their hardware to Nepal.


  • Daily processing and submission of claims for faster reimbursement. MoreOver Reduce your operating costs by at least 50% .